As part of the Enlighten Festival, Canberra 2019. The suite of three 'Alias' paintings purchased by Parliament House Collection were projected onto the facade of Parliament House

Still shot in the studio from SBS Battle of the Vines Series 2018

SBS filming for Battle of the Vines during completion of a commission for the Parliament House Collection, Canberra

de-Colonial Geographic curated by Fernando do Campo:exhibtion catalogue 2017

Materia Prima: The Rough Guide a journal article written for the Danish Conference: Tangible Means: Experiential Knowledge Through Materials  in association with the Experiential Knowledge Special Interest Group. Hosted by Design School Kolding and the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding.

The Rough Guide for Web.pdf The Rough Guide for Web.pdf
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Below: Malcom Turnbull in front of 'Alias 2' the painting that keeps photo-bombing news coverage in Parliament House .  Oil and acrylic on canvas 180cm x 180 cm
Above: ABC's program Bespoke, episode 3 Remaking the World?  Furniture make Laura McCusker buffs the table. This piece was the result of a collaboration between Pippa Dickson (concept and commissioner) Laura McCusker (Furniture maker) and Megan Walch (painter of the table top)



Above: During the second Australian political 'spill' in 2015 Julie Bishop was photographed walking past  'Alias 2' oil and acrylic on canvas 180cm x 180cm 2013 purchased for the Parliament House Collection in 2014.
short video of the painting process by filmmaker David Pyefinch
short profile video by filmmaker David Pyefinch
Below: Photograph by Matthew Newton

A group of celebrated artists gather together on the remote and ancient lands of Skullbone Plains to work on a unique project, taking as their inspiration this magnificent glacial plain - a place like no other in the world. This 50 minute Documentary by Roar Film broadcast in 2014 is available intermittently on ABC Iview

The Skullbone Experiment: Michael CathcartBooks and Arts Daily Radio National

Skullbone Experiment. mp3.mp3

Above: ABC TV. '7.30 program' profile



Tidal 2008 Devonport Regional Art Gallery. View Catalogue

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